Startup culture at CES 2018. Photo by: CES / YouTube
Startup culture at CES 2018. Photo by: CES / YouTube

Take Part in the Disruption Within the Form of Technology at CES 2018

The upcoming electronics and consumer showcase known as CES 2018 will be taking place throughout downtown Las Vegas from January 9-12.

One of the exciting parts to this event is the emerging new technology from small to large corporate companies spanning all over the country.


Eureka Park will be hosting more than 800 startups from 37 different countries.

Shark Tank will host an open call to entrepreneurs on Thursday, January 11 in the Venetian, Level 4, Delfino Ballroom. Doors open at 8 AM and numbered wristbands will be distributed from 9-11 a.m..

International companies will be looking to make their mark on a grand scale, as well as smaller startups aiming to capture the attention of users in the tech industry.

CES 2018 has generated a lot of leads and provided an excellent launchpad for startups to connect with investors and consumers. We will not be on hand this year, but our off-site coverage is another excellent way to showcase a product.

There is multiple platforms that companies can use to market their brand. We suggest creating as much buzz as possible leading into the event to maximize exposure.

Explore more about startups at CES 2018 via their main website.

Watch the following videos to find out more on startup culture, health and new technology that will be on display at CES 2018.

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