Human Interaction is a Reflection of Ourselves

Over the years I have interacted with several different kinds of people from various backgrounds. My social interaction with different cultures and mindsets has provided me with the ability to see within the person, and find out why they are using the words they choose to use.

I have built a strong understanding of how to psychoanalyze a person during a conversation, break down their mannerisms, and find out more about the person than focusing on the words that they decide to use.

In the case of Donald Trump speaking in a negative tone about people from different countries, I have noticed, that deep down, it takes one to know one. Furthermore, a person with insecurities, will also be more prone to produce the effort into making an insult in comparison to a person that is more emotionally and psychologically secure. There is ways to show distaste for someone that is being abusive with constructive criticism, in comparison to using vulgar language.

One piece to speech that I have noticed over the years is that people with less education within language are more often to use vulgar language to get their point across. A person with a more refined vocabulary will be able to constructively create a message that allows the recipient to understand their point without cruse words.

An example I often use is, would you get upset at a barking down if you were walking down the street? Or would you just walk by it, and continue about your day?

The answer is also a reflection of each person’s self-identify.

The person that would get upset at the barking dog would have to allow the random act of verbal abuse to get to them, and respond. The other person that walks by without noticing is collected, and able to handle random acts of verbal abuse.

We can remove the dog from the example, and replace it with a human.

When I see multiple news outlets covering the debate is Donald Trump a racist, I often think to myself, is the producer of this show questioning their own racist qualities, and want to project that insecurity onto the audience? The barking dog is not the problem, but projecting the barking dog onto the public is.

Overall, our outlet focuses on bridging cultural gaps. With this situation, I find that people that originally took offense to Trump’s comments, sit back and ask themselves, should I get upset over a barking dog?

Watch over the video below from Fox News on YouTube.