A Trip from Denver to Chicago Can Save Consumers Over $130 on Expenses

Tesla Motors has just released an exciting new online platform that collects data from two locations, and provides users a map with charging stations.

This map by Tesla also calculates the total cost of gas, and displays the amount each person will save by driving a Tesla vehicle.

The website does note:

‘Routing, charge times and mileage are based on the vehicle and battery of choice and assumes that trips begin with a full charge. Assumptions are also made for factors like weather, climate control and driving style. Real world results may vary.

Estimated gas savings assumes free Supercharging for Model S and Model X (available to new customers via referral codes) and pay per use for Model 3 at a cost of $0.20 per kilowatt hour. Gasoline cost assumes 21 MPG at $2.73 per gallon. Local costs and real world results may vary.’

Overall, they do a fair job of pricing an average vehicle with 21 MPG in comparison to their product.

One element I would like them to note is the cost of time that each person must take to charge their vehicle. At a fossil fuel station, consumers can get back on the road in a faster amount of time. That being said, fossil fuels do create pollution. In a recent study, air pollution has been linked to 20,000 annual deaths.

A second piece of data that I would like Tesla to note on this roadmap is which charging stations provide renewable energy. It would be excellent know where power is available that is produced from clean energy.

Watch over the video below on YouTube, and check out the new Tesla roadmap online.