Vince McMahon introducing the XFL for 2020. Photo by: ESPN / YouTube
Vince McMahon introducing the XFL for 2020. Photo by: ESPN / YouTube

McMahon’s Playbook Can See the Decline in Television Viewers for the NFL

The owner of the WWE plans to take a second run with an alternative professional football league known as the XFL.

During a press conference today Vince McMahon, Chairman of the WWE asked for ways to make the program better. He also spoke on the division between politics and sporting events.

I can see his point, as well as his connection to the Trump Administration with his wife being appointed to the Administrator of the Small Business Administration following the 2016 election that the McMahon’s help fund. That being said, attempting to recreate a failed company in spite of athletes taking a knee against injustice is currently setup for failure. Mr. McMahon did ask for feedback to improve the XFL. The following points are suggestions to help him move in the right direction.

  • It is clear that Mr. McMahon and Mr. Trump want to limit the players free speech on the field. It is unclear if this new league is going to request players to sign non-disclosure agreements forcing them to not talk about politics off field. My theory is that a lot of the players that take a knee during the anthems are upset with the actions being taken by local law enforcement. To help correct that problem, I suggest the XFL provide a percentage of ticket sales to local police departments. It can go to help with training and proper staffing. Furthermore, athletes and ticket buyers will be more supportive of the anthem and the league if they know that their time and resources are partly going to help build their communities. If the league moves to limit free speech, I sincerely doubt it will draw athletes that have talent and experience.
  • Next, I find that the amount of concussions is a major drawback for the NFL. It would be a smart move to review head on head impact, and create regulations that show the league is moving away from unsafe practices.
  • Third, pay the cheerleaders a fair wage. Publicly disclose their wages. The more transparency the league provides the better.
  • Fourth, draft Brock Lesnar to one of the teams. Let him ‘roid to the gills’ like he did in the UFC against Mark Hunt. I’m joking, do not do this suggestion. Also, start off each game with Stone Cold stunning Vince McMahon in the middle of the field. Have Vince hold a coin, and have him throw it in the air to kickoff each game.
  • Finally, have a short season and a longer series of playoff games. There should be more riding on each game to engage fans.

Most of my suggestions were serious in nature because deep down I want Vince to succeed where he has failed in the past. If Donald Trump is investing in this league, I strongly suggest disclosing that information early.

Also, I hope Vince gives more creative control of the WWE to his kids. They read social media, and know exactly what people are demanding. Their hands are tied, and I want to help untie them for the betterment of professional wrestling / sports entertainment.

In conclusion, I will now metaphorically kick Vince in the stomach, grab his head, and give him a stunner on behalf of the independent press. Cheers Vince.