Web Design with Lyft. Photo by: Google Developers / YouTube
Web Design with Lyft. Photo by: Google Developers / YouTube

The Online and Offline Transition of 2018

In 2018 Web design and layout has become even more vital for engaging online audiences.

When connecting consumers with online/offline data, Internet speed can often be a roadblock. I suggest Web developers use Accelerated Mobile Pages for faster deliver regarding their online content.


During the past few months I have been researching Progressive Web Apps. They work within a browser, but create a look and feel similar to an app.

Progressive Web Apps are important for the following reasons:

  • Offline viewing of content.
  • Push notifications.
  • Add the site to the home screen.
  • Faster loading time with slower Internet speed.
  • Additional functionality.

Currently a majority of browsers do support PWAs, but IOS continues to have issues delivering an effective user experience. A major problem I find with PWAs is the compatibility issues that take place between browser updates and WordPress updates.

This is a case of functionality and technology.

In a relative case, Apple has seen a backlash over older phones with less functionality creating problems with the latest software updates. Comparatively to PWAs, the browser technology with IOS is currently being updated to meet the demands of the functionality in connection with PWAs.

Furthermore, Chrome Developers do provide steps to convert a basic website to a PWA on Android platforms, but lack documentation on how to convert a WordPress website to a PWA.

At the start of 2018, many Web developers are in limbo over the method they are going to use to construct a PWA for their site.

After researching plugins for WordPress with PWA technology, I have been unable to find a secure method to convert a WordPress site to a PWA. The best piece of advice I can locate is a YouTube video by Google Chrome Developers.

Google is hosting an international conference in the Netherlands from February 13-14 this year, and will have data covering WordPress sites.

Preview additional data set to be discussed at AMP Conf 2018 on YouTube.

Google AMP has been extremely helpful for our website, and we see that PWAs will also find a similar sustainability in 2018.

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