Climate cold glacier iceberg. Icelandic glaciers. Photo by: Jay Mantri
Climate cold glacier iceberg. Icelandic glaciers. Photo by: Jay Mantri

Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Environmental Technology

Global warming is taking place in communities across the world. In order to try and balance the rise in global temperatures, environmental-based technology has already begun as the next major revolution in energy production.

A European study has provided insight on how pollution within major cities is creating a negative impact on the ozone layer. In connection with the amount of greenhouse gases being produced around these cities, smaller communities are seeing changes in the climate as well.


This past January the country of New Zealand experienced its hottest month on record.

In order to decrease the amount of pollution going into the atmosphere, several developed countries are working on developing solar power technology. Recently Tesla announced their plans to sell and provide solar panels and Powerwalls at Home Depot.

Bloomberg reported:

‘The average cost of a solar panel system is $10,000 to $25,000, with an additional $7,000 for the battery, according to Tesla’s website. Tesla’s Solar Roof, which is just now hitting the market, is about $52,000 for an average home.’

The United States only makes up a small percentage of the global population. India and China are the two largest countries, and create the biggest threat to climate change.

One of the problems in India is their influx in a growing middle class, but a lack of resources to afford options with renewable energy.

China is making the most progress in balancing global warming with billions of dollars being invested in solar energy.

Pollution in major cities around the globe not only threatens the atmosphere and rising global temperatures, but it also increases UV rays that may cause cancer.

Artificial intelligence is creating opportunities to test, research and provide feedback on ways to help control climate change.

Watch over the two videos below to obtain more information on the solutions and issues surrounding climate change.