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A Breakdown with Google Partners

Google Partners is online network of companies that help connect consumers with businesses.

Recently they have launched a program titled Elevator to provide training and insight for entrepreneurs.


After I signed up for Google Partners years ago, I have almost given up on getting my business added to their program. It is easy to sign up for Google Partners, but getting a company added to their system is almost impossible.

I often publish news and content covering how to help small companies grow with different platforms. It would be ideal for Google to review this article, and give me proper insight on how to add a business to the system, so I can relate the lessons learned to a global audience.

The breakdown when trying to add a company to Google Partners takes place when they require the user to sign up for a Google AdWords Manager account. The major flaw in their system is that a user has to use a Google email address to sign up for the AdWords Manager account, but then attempts to force the user to providing a business affiliated email address to add the company to Google Partners. A business affiliated email account cannot be a gmail account, but they require the user to have a Google AdWords Manager account that does require the Gmail account.

After hours of trying to add an affiliated business email account to my Google AdWords Manager account, I have temporarily given up, left multiple messages for their team to review, and have resulted to publicly identifying the problem on this site to get them to help resolve the problem. Once they provide insight on how to fix the issue, I will update this article to provide adequate information to entrepreneurs looking to obtain help with different functions from Google Partners.

I am able to access their community section without having my business added to the system. This section does provide a large amount of online learning tools for advertising, digital media and marketing.

One part I love about Google Partners is their podcasts on entrepreneurship. Below the YouTube video, browse over a selection of the podcasts from Google.