Twitter login screen. Photo by:
Twitter login screen. Photo by:

The Mass Exodus of Fake Accounts on Twitter

The day of reckoning on social media has arrived on Twitter.

Several accounts are currently seeing their user count drop like their level of talent at a dance contest. Personally, I love it.


The reason I love this mass exodus is due to our company never buying fake followers to inflate our numbers to appear to be more valuable online. It has always bothered me that media producers are too lazy to acquire growth organically, and take the fast and easy way to fool advertisers into thinking they provide any real value.

Imagine you are a company, and an advertising agency or brand pitches you a number of views or interactions that their content will obtain if you work out a deal with them. If you were the company looking to gain awareness for your product or service, would you not feel cheated if the agency was buying fake users and playing it off like they were real? I would be.

That is the reason we have stayed at a slow pace of growth, and not followed back robotic looking accounts on Twitter.

In this past week I have seen a large amount of new fake users attempt to follow our brand with no picture, no real name, and no real value to our company. I tend to block them to prevent companies that need our help to see our real numbers, in comparison to creating false data.

Also during this past week several accounts have seen a large decrease in their numbers due to these fake accounts getting the axe. If you are a company that works with advertising agencies, it would be an excellent time to review their data, and see why the decrease in numbers is happening.

In addition, some of these brands are attempting to buy even more followers to not lose their online value. Overall, it is a clear red flag when a brand or company has bought followers, and is trying to make themselves look more valuable.

Watch over the YouTube video by Bloomberg for more information on this story.