Typoman screenshot from Playstation 4. Photo by: CornshaqGaming / YouTube
Typoman screenshot from Playstation 4. Photo by: CornshaqGaming / YouTube

The Puzzle-Platformer Is Currently Available on Steam, Wii U, and Xbox One

Typoman is one of the hottest puzzle-platformer games to have been produced this decade.

Nintendo Switch has seen its popularity on other gaming consoles, and has it scheduled for release on February 22.


After reviewing the gameplay on different gaming systems, I find Typoman to be one of the best modern games to be released.

The gaming industry is oversaturated with first-person view shooting games that have grown extremely dull over the past two decades. There is only so much a game can offer with cheap forms of violence. Overall, I find violent video games to insult the players intelligence.

In comparison, Typoman expands a players vocabulary and mental aptitude. It drew me in right away as a platform, but made me even more excited as a gamer when I saw the storyline connected to literary content.

Watch over the trailer for Typoman on the Nintendo Switch.

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