Solar power in California. Photo by: CCTV America / YouTube
Solar power in California. Photo by: CCTV America / YouTube

This Project Would Use 86,000 Solar Panels To Generate Close To 55,000 Megawatt Hours Annually

The pathway to more economically viable energy is taking shape in Western Kansas.

An initiative known as the Johnson Corner Solar Project will be opening the largest solar power plant in the state of Kansas in 2019.


Currently, Kansas produces 11.15 percent of renewable energy in regards to total energy production for the state. The state does have a strong wind energy sector, as well as biomass.

This upcoming solar power project will produce a small fraction of total energy for Kansas, but is an excellent step in the right direction of energy diversification.

The Hays Daily News reported:

“While wind energy tends to be most abundant when we need it the least, i.e. during the night and the winter, the solar project is going to generate most of the energy when our system has the highest demand.” – Steve Epperson, Mid-Kansas Chairman of the Board

For more on this topic, watch over the YouTube clip below.

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