Manic Focus Live Band, Wax Tailor with Special Guests, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution, and TOR Explore Morrison, Colorado

The Emancipator Ensemble paired together with a group of electronic musicians to conduct an evening of live music in Morrison, Colorado on Saturday, May 26.

Before the show guests gathered in the parking lots of Red Rocks Amphitheatre to meet up with friends and family. The doors opened at 5:30 for this one day buffet of various EDM.

Two of the writers for our outlet were going to be at this event, and I wanted to combine getting to see them with a group of talented live performers. We met up within a tailgate style environment.

Wax Tailor performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Wax Tailor performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Attending concerts at Red Rocks as a music fan is similar to seeing professional sporting events as a sports fan. Red Rocks combines the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, advanced visual light performances, amazing people and international talent on stage. It collectively creates a unique melting pot.

Kalya Scintilla was one of the earlier musicians that my group was excited to see perform. During my walk to the box office I could hear the sound from the speakers bouncing off the rocks that makeup the park and amphitheater.

Wax Tailor was on stage when I entered the venue. It was my first time experiencing his music, and overall I was impressed. His ability to invite and collaborate with different live vocalists displayed an above average level of talent as a producer and DJ.

After his set followed a performance from Manic Focus Live Band. In the past I have heard Manic Focus improve his music production, and this new live band project is another progressive step of electronic music.

Emancipator Ensemble brought a more intense and aggressive style to the stage on Saturday evening. In 2013 I saw an early form of the ensemble, and was impressed with their overall quality of the live experience.

Watch and stream some featured music from the artists on the bill from Saturday, May 26 on YouTube.