Gramatik performing live at Red Rocks with Dom from Big Gigantic on Saturday, September 1. Photo by: Matthew McGuire
Gramatik performing live at Red Rocks with Dom from Big Gigantic on Saturday, September 1. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Dominic Lalli Joined the Party to Release New Music at Red Rocks

Gramatik delivered one of the best sets from the 2018 concert schedule at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday, September 1.

Gryffin, Haywyre & Ramzoid waxed the stage with electronic dance music before the gigantic Gramatik set.


Before the concert, my friend Jessica noted that Gramatik had performed a three hour set at Red Rocks. I was stunned and shocked. Most average shows last an hour and a half. I’ve talked with booking teams in the past, and they noted that people start to tune out after 90 minutes. That logic did not apply on Saturday evening. Guests danced and rocked along with the high energy beat for almost 3 hours straight.

At 9:05 p.m. MST Gramatik hit the stage.

The lighting and stage setup was the biggest and most elaborate visual show that I have seen from Gramatik. View the following video to experience the stage design.

Temperatures ranged from 75-67 with little wind in Morrison, Colorado Saturday evening.

Once Gramatik’s set was underway, the addition of Balkan Bump, along with his keyboard and electric guitar setup, was a perfect addition for a live performance.

Balkan Bump recently recorded ‘track name’ with Gramatik, and was able to assist with an invigorating trumpet.

Jessica and I danced along with a sold out crowd at Red Rocks. The last show we saw together at Red Rocks was when her and I covered Big Gigantic at the historic venue in 2014.

It was a special treat when Dom from Big Gigantic joined the party for a collection of songs. They performed a new song together on stage. Check out a preview of that track within the tweet above.

During one of their songs, Gramatik and company teased/covered pieces of material from Jimi Hendrix. It was interesting to find out that one September 1, 1968, Hendrix performed at Red Rocks, (the same day as Gramatik’s show.)

The set went for close to two and a half hours straight. They took a two-minute break and came back to encore for another 15-20 minutes.

Gramatik’s encore included his recent remix honoring Aretha Franklin. He also released a second new track for the Red Rocks crowd.

Connect with Gramatik on social media to stay in the loop with his updates and live shows.

Recently, Balkan Bump teamed up with Gramatik and Talib Kweli to produce ‘Aymo.’ Stream it on YouTube.

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