Overland Park overlooking downtown Denver. Photo by: Matthew McGuire
Overland Park overlooking downtown Denver. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Florence and the Machine, Kendrick Lamar, and Stevie Wonder to Headline Inaugural Grandoozy Festival

Superfly will be hosting a three-day festival in Denver at Overland Park from September 14-16. Grandoozy is set to combine the top culinary talent from the Denver area, mix it with brewing options, provide live entertainment, enlightenment, and yoga to guests.

60 live performances are scheduled to take place. 30 restaurants will be taking part, and 18 craft breweries will provide a taste of Colorado.


The founders of Grandoozy also worked on Bonnaroo and Outside Lands Music Festival. At the core of their original idea, I assume they wanted to create a multifunctional event, bring it to Denver, and make a big splash. The meaning of Bonnaroo is ‘the really good stuff.’ The way I define Grandoozy as a member of the media would be, ‘a fermented music festival.’

Live music will host a wide selection of national acts, as well as some international talent. Guests will have the option to explore new music from up-and-coming artists. In addition, legendary musicians will showcase their work.

Grandoozy management is working to build, grow, and define the other elements of the festival including yoga, workshops, and art.

Scan over the schedule to the event via the release on Twitter:

Stevie Wonder

Denver will be blessed with a soulful performance by Stevie Wonder. Following the passing of Aretha Franklin, Stevie stepped up to perform at her funeral. The entire performance is available in the YouTube playlist below.

My strong guess is that Stevie will grace us with some music from Franklin during his set on Sunday evening.

St. Vincent

Break out the whiskey when St. Vincent arrives at Grandoozy. If you don’t drink, grab an ice cold lemonade to cap off summer. St. Vincent’s latest album is filled with gems. Her set will be a must-see show at Grandoozy.

The Soul Rebels

This New Orleans horn ensemble delivers the heart and soul of the city to stages they perform on. Make sure to catch their live set for upbeat grooves and memorable moments.

Weather for the event right now is looking to have sunny to partly sunny conditions.

Connect with the festival’s main website for ticket information. Make sure to plan ahead for traveling to the event.

Test drive music videos from showcasing artists at Grandoozy 2018 on YouTube.