Spelunky 2 screenshot. Photo by: Playstation / YouTube
Spelunky 2 screenshot. Photo by: Playstation / YouTube

Spoiler Alert, Shopkeepers Can Now Climb Ladders

The biggest sequel in gaming history is starting to take shape with the recent trailer release for Spelunky 2.

Mossmouth and a group of producers including Derek Yu return to production after the success from the first installment.


Spelunky does have a small amount of violence but does offer a passive-aggressive mode to beat the game without collecting any gold.

In addition to the new online multiplayer options that the trailer identifies, this game will feature new characters, gadgets, enemies, and levels to explore.

The game designers are also bringing back a collection if past favorites such as the teleporter, shopkeeper, and jetpack.

There is something engaging about the minimalist design of Spelunky. With all of the gaming options out there in the modern landscape, it is refreshing to know that people still get excited for the little elements within a video game. That being said, I am not excited to know shopkeepers can now climb ladders.

The original game has been remastered with old-school graphics.

Gamers of all ages and backgrounds can test drive the original Spelunky, and gear up for Spelunky 2.

With the original release, I have put in thousands of hours, and look forward to putting in thousands of more hours with the second edition.

Browse over the trailer for Spelunky 2 on YouTube.

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