An engineer working on wind power technology to curb climate change. Photo by:
An engineer working on wind power technology to curb climate change. Photo by:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Recently Released Data that Accelerates the Global Time Table to Transfer Developed Countries Over to Renewable Energy

Climate change, also known as global warming will be fought and won in the voting polls. In each section of the world people are finding new ways to living within a more sustainable lifestyle.

Recent scientific evidence regarding the rise in global temperatures points to a large issue of sea level rising, as well as record-breaking storms throughout the world.


Climate change is the ongoing evolution of how humans have impacted the environment. It is true that weather cycles on earth have been taking place throughout different periods of time. That being said, for humans to continue to have a sustainable life on this planet, it is important to address ways to curb pollution and prevent global warming.

The BBC reported a quote from the recent IPCC meeting:

“The first is that limiting warming to 1.5C brings a lot of benefits compared with limiting it to two degrees. It really reduces the impacts of climate change in very important ways,” – Prof Jim Skea, who co-chairs the IPCC

In order to properly support the environment, I wanted to breakdown a list of ways that we all can make small changes that add up in a quantitive manner. It is easy to invoke fear with an issue, but it takes passion to solve a problem.

Voting to Protect the Environment

The best solution to saving the environment is to dive deep into voting records for your local, state and federal representatives. Review and see how they voted in favor of the environment.

U.S. Senate and House of Representatives each vote on a number of issues, find out more on these issues and review the voting records for different politicians.

In order to properly ensure we are all doing our best; it is important to be apart of the solution by selecting representatives that demand renewable energy. We can make small changes within everyday life, but it is even more important to vote for politicians that understand the importance of environmental regulations.

Decreasing the Carbon Footprint

Another quick and easy way to increase exercise time and decrease carbon emissions is to take more walks, and use less fossil fuels.

One of the biggest motivators for large corporations is demand for a product. As renewable energy becomes more cost effective, the increase of demand goes up.

We are currently in a transitional stage of the industrial revolution. Major corporations are currently adapting their workflow to meet the new demands of an evolving climate. As consumers, it is our responsibility to demand sustainable products for future generations.


One of the most healthy solutions to curbing climate change is mixing up a diet plan. As a creature of habit, I understand how easy it is to fall into a consistent diet. After moving to Denver, I have personally seen the positive impact of how managing a personal diet can add to overall health.

Watch over the three YouTube videos below to acquire solutions, and methods to minimizing global warming.

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