Thunderpussy tour dates for 2018. Photo by: Thunderpussy
Thunderpussy tour dates for 2018. Photo by: Thunderpussy

Brash, Bold and Beautiful

The rock band known as Thunderpussy hails from Seattle and delivered a ruckus set of live music to the Voodoo Music + Arts Festival on Sunday, October 28.

Their form of music and approach may seem unconventional, but this pack of musicians continue to produce original and engaging material.


We were able to connect with Whitney Petty, guitarist for the group, on the band’s sound, style and direction moving forward.

Whitney Petty, Guitarist for Thunderpussy Interview

Is there any producers that you would like to work with, and why?

–It’s always nice to work with different producers and see how they operate. We met Alan Parsons last year and he became a big fan of the band– That would be a dream, to work with him! Because: Dark Side of the Moon.

The band is based out of the northwest, but the lead vocalist has a southern rock sound at times, how did that style form within the band?

–Well, I don’t know if it’s just Molly! I was raised on Southern rock in Marietta, GA so I know it seeps into our overall sound. Molly is very influenced by a lot of the roots and blues music from the south, as am I. I think it gives us a kind of gritty edge at times.

Is it your first time in New Orleans, do you have any previous stories, and if not, what are you looking forward to?

–First time as a band! It just feels really cool to be playing in the south, which is a world away from Seattle and also where I grew up. New Orleans has so much character and oozes history so I’m just happy to get to experience that for a second.

Does performing at the Voodoo Music + Arts Festival on Halloween weekend influence your set?

–You’ll have to catch the set to find out!

How do you think the guitar cords in your music are similar and different from other female rock groups?

–Contrary to popular belief, “female rock groups” are just rock groups.

What is the best part of traveling on the road?

–Free drugs

What is the worst part about traveling on the road?

–Free drugs

Which bands would you like to tour within the upcoming years?

–The great part of touring with a great band is getting to watch them every night, and there are some bands I could watch every night, like, Lowcut Connie, Le Butcherettes, Shovels and Rope, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club…

What upcoming projects do you have in the pipeline?

–We are writing all the time. We will be back in the studio early next year to start recording LP II. Right now we are gearing up for our annual NYE show in Seattle at the Showbox which will be a big production. More records, more tours, more Thunderpussy!

In one of the questions I ask Whitney about female rock groups. Her answer is perfect, and reminds me to focus on the music.