Experience A New Way to Work Out with Wireless Headphones

The PaMu Scroll by Padmate is a set of wireless, water resistant, Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds that are stylishly convenient.

Even though I was not familiar with the Padmate brand; I found out that these little headphones are apparently the 3rd generation of this line. I was invited to test this new product, and it’s safe to say that I am both extremely satisfied and impressed. I don’t have a lot of experience with Bluetooth headphones in general, but as fewer and fewer cell phones come equipped with an audio jack they are becoming a must-have for listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts on the go. I am an active person, and as someone who loves to hike and ski here in the Colorado high country, I also find myself hitting the gym and jogging around town to keep my fitness and stamina up. I decided to put these little guys to the test to see if they could keep up with my lifestyle.

At first glance, the PaMu Scroll is an aesthetically pleasing device. It comes in four colors, complete with a matching leather carrying case that doubles as a charger.

Just plug the case in at home, and it is able to charge the headphones up to 3 times while away from a power outlet.

This makes it very convenient for me to throw the Scroll into my purse, backpack or car and always have a fully charged set of earbuds. Despite the portable and easy charging capabilities, I was curious to see what the battery life of the earbuds was like.

One charge is good for about three and a half hours of continuous use, or several days of intermittent use, before needing to be placed back in the charging case. Plenty of time for me – even on a long hike. I can always pop them in the case during a lunch break or at a scenic spot.

PaMu Scroll wireless headphones. Photo provided.

PaMu Scroll wireless headphones. Photo provided.

One thing that I especially liked about the PaMu scroll was the comfortable, snug fit in my ear. Some earbuds make my ears sore after prolonged use or after taking them in and out several times. I did not have this problem with the PaMu Scroll. It comes with three different sized sets of silicone tips to perfectly fit the ear.

They create a suction-like effect and block out most of the surrounding noise, even before the listening experience begins. Speaking of snug fit – the PaMu Scroll’s earbuds stayed secure and tight in my ear even during vigorous exercise. Through yoga, jogging and using the elliptical, they never lost their firm but gentle grip. Even during a heavy sweat session they did not budge!

The sound quality of the PaMu Scroll was slightly above average. They can’t compare to big, clunky over the ear headphones, or an expensive sound system, but they did the job and did it well. I have an eclectic taste in music and listened to folk, rock, funk, jazz, and a little bass-heavy electronic music and was pleased with the sound quality and volume level. I found that I was able to listen to them at a lower volume due to the noise canceling effect of the silicone tips – something my ears will thank me for later on.

Overall, I would say the PaMu Scroll is an excellent choice for someone looking for a stylish, portable and convenient set of wireless earbuds at a competitive price. These are available for pre-order through Indiegogo at a Super Early Bird price of $39, followed by an Early Bird price of $49. So what are you waiting for? Snag a pair for yourself while the deal is hot, and remember…the holiday gift season is just around the corner.

PaMu Scroll wireless headphones timeline. Photo provided.

PaMu Scroll wireless headphones timeline. Photo provided.