Turn Back Time with Songs Spanning Over Two Decades

Prepare for three nights of music history with The String Cheese Incident performing at the 1st Bank Center on December 29, 30, and the 31st.

Over the past 25 years the band has performed around the globe, released ten records, helped define new genres of music, and provided countless memories for their fans.

The String Cheese Incident Begins in 1993

Their history as a band started in 1993 with jam sessions that would turn into rehearsals. Their improvisational style paired with a collection of acoustic instruments to create a refreshing new blend of Colorado bluegrass.

In 1993 the band performed two shows in Telluride, Colorado. One show was in March, and the other show was on New Year’s Eve. Since the first year of being a band; The String Cheese Incident has always taken time to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Aged Cheese: The String Cheese Incident’s First Cassette Tape is Released in 1995

Stream Aged Cheese on YouTube to dial back into the mid 90s.

Aged Cheese: SCI’s First Cassette Tape:

Live Shows & Red Rocks Amphitheatre

1996 was a breakout year for the band as they expanded their local presence in Colorado to touring nationwide.

This acoustic band from Colorado broke through a thick glass ceiling in the music industry by taking their sound on the road.

During the mid and late 90s a new generation of music enthusiasts developed along with Generation X. This group of young adults reframed live music forever. The primary way to see concerts before 2002 was individually. The traveling H.O.R.D.E. tour and Jazz Fest in New Orleans restructured the single show mentality to expanding it to multiple shows from diverse genres of music.

Bonnaroo Music Festival launched in 2002 with a large demand for tickets. The festival took the energy forming around the live music scene, and bottled it into a three day festival in Tennessee. They purposely picked alternative acts to push back against corporate music.

The String Cheese Incident embodied what Bonnaroo was aiming for in 2002. Once that festival started to take a new direction, the band started to create their own festivals across the country.

Electric Forest & Hulaween

Two of the only independent festivals to sell out of tickets in 2018 was Hulaween and Electric Forest.

In an era of music festivals being held once a month, the demand for these events has divided the next generation of music enthusiasts.

That being said, The String Cheese Incident has continued to reinvent their sound on stage.

This year they are capping off 2018 in style with three nights in Broomfield, Colorado. Scope out more via the band’s social media.