Content marketing layout. Photo by:
Content marketing layout. Photo by:

Collaboration Is Key

Digital marketing and advertising continues to break into new ground each year.

Each of us interact with content differently. Some decide to consume and review creative work, while others produce material themselves. The trends in content marketing can impact us all differently. In 2019, the digital landscape has been in a state of influx with several positions being eliminated from digital publications.


A majority of companies that work with content marketing publish the work to an app or website. Forbes recently published their list of trends for content marketing in 2019. They pointed out the need to format content around voice search, as well as expanding new ways to collaborate business to business.

The areas of emerging technology will provide direction to the trends for 2019.

Social Media & Content Marketing

One of the biggest disruptions in content marketing within 2019 is the amount of real people, high quality potential leads, and organic users that each social media platform will generate over the next year.

Google+ will be shutting down their service in 2019. Google My Business is the current platform I use to market my business within Google search.

One method that I have implemented is supporting and interacting with brands and companies on social media in regards to content marketing. The following list of social apps works well within digital marketing.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook overall user interaction is starting to plateau regarding the United States. At the end of 2018, NY Post reported a decrease for younger demographics on the social network.

Managers and producers can be looking to create content built for older demographics on Facebook.

Instagram continues to climb in user growth for younger audiences.  

Pinterest & LinkedIn

Two of the most underrated social platforms that I see continuing to do well is Pinterest and LinkedIn. The organic reach to connect with people that follow your brand or company has been performing well for us over the past year.

A smart way to build awareness for a product or service is to create an infographic showing a process or strategy. These are excellent pieces of content to share periodically.


In 2018 Twitter was able to remove a large amount of fake users that are typically bought to increase vanity metrics. This did help reduce the amount of misinformation on the site. That being said, Twitter’s overall trend for users has a similar plateau that is seen with Facebook’s users.

Each company is different, but it is a good rule of thumb if possible to have an updated stream of content.


YouTube user growth in the United States has continued to climb over the past five years. Google AdWords and YouTube’s advertising options have the best return on investment for our company. Each entity will have a different way to target their audience, but YouTube is my preferred method to build awareness.

In contrast to other platforms, YouTube does require a company to have a video editor and producer on staff.

International Marketing

The United States is a small fraction of the total population of Internet users worldwide. Content marketing managers should look globally when developing new business contacts.

Furthermore, the United States has one of the most developed economies for international companies to market their product and services.

Canada partners well with entrepreneurs doing their first round of international business. Taxes and laws will change depending upon the country. Before doing any international partnerships, find out the laws, regulations, and culture within the outside region.

Google AMP – Fast Loading Mobile Pages

Internet users have a split second attention span. Think With Google has compiled an overview of user interaction trends regarding page loading time.

Users will notice that some of our articles have a stripped down style and format. These AMP articles load at a faster speed, resulting in a decrease in user drop off.

March Madness

Subject matter experts within each industry identify major events in advanced. They setup a schedule and create an outline for content production. An example for those that can write about sports, March Madness is a way to connect with new audiences by using digital media to draw in new people.

SEO in combination with a well-written article can help expand awareness. Each major event should align with the companies core values.

Collaboration with Web Producers

The future of content marketing is all about collaboration.

Clients want their products and services to be well represented on the Web. Producers will need to be highly adaptable to meet different needs of various companies.

Interaction with B2B is key to keeping clients, as well as possibly obtaining a new one via a reference.

Companies will continue to diversify their advertising options with expansion.  

Smartphone Usage

The average amount of smartphone users continues to climb as overall television viewership in the United States continues to decline.

This trend will impact how consumers interact with content on a daily basis.

Aside from constantly consuming content on our mobile devices, I suggest a healthy balance of exercise, work, time for family and friends, time for yourself, and time to do what you love.

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