Udemy Transforms the Learning Process

Python is a complex and integrated programming language. In order to have a better understanding of the coding language, I connected with Udemy’s Bootcamp Python course for my first online class outside of a major university.

Udemy is running a sale on courses, and I felt the price for an introductory course was fair.

One major piece of value I found out about the course was learning more about file extensions for Python. The course is for introductory students to the language.

Before connecting with Udemy I was independently learning the code. I find that seeking out help and seeing how other professionals perform tasks as excellent training. 

The trainers in their online course utilizes Sublime text, but I prefer to use Dreamweaver.

I do not want to give away their course materials for free but I do now see a real value in online courses outside of major universities.

Watch over the following YouTube video for more information on Python.