Monitoring climate change. Photo by: / fauxels
Monitoring climate change. Photo by: / fauxels

The massive fires burning in Australia have had a major impact on the environment within that country as well as in countries in South America.

As the importance on environmental protection continues to grow, it is also vital that citizens worldwide use their voice to support government regulation.


Climate change continuously creates a major impact on societies around the globe. As the Trump administration has made recent moves to decrease oversight and standards related to the National Environmental Policy Act, the people and wildlife being impacted by these decisions will be the ones to absorb the consequences.

Each country has their own role to play in the global environment. The recent wildfires in Australia have shown that the smoke not only effects the air and temperature for citizens in Australia, but also for people in countries in South America. As reported by Vice News in the following YouTube video, they note how the smoke is carrying over to Chile from Australia.

Vice News Report on Australia Wildfires

It is easy to assume that as a citizen there is little we can do, but in democratic societies we have the power to vote for representatives that will make the environment a priority.

MSNBC Report on Climate Change in Australia

In the United States citizens can work on becoming more aware of the political representatives that will push for environmental regulations to help prevent the excessive rise in global temperatures that create fires like in Australia and California.

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