An Interview with The Flooizes

We are just one week away from Gem & Jam 2020. In anticipation of the festival’s return after a hiatus in 2019, I had the opportunity to sit down with The Floozies, aka Matt and Mark Hill, to discuss their upcoming album and tour, the TH3 supergroup, and more.

You can catch The Floozies set on Saturday, February 1 and the TH3 supergroup featuring Michael Travis, Kylie Hollingsworth, and Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident and Matt from The Floozies on Sunday, February 2.

The band discussed their upcoming music and plans for 2020 in an interview.

Q. The Floozies are no stranger to performing at Gem & Jam. What keeps you coming back to this festival?

A. We just follow the crystals man. Just follow the crystals.

Q. What can Gem & Jammers anticipate from your set?

A. Str8 bangers my brotha.

Q. Matt, what’s it like being invited to play with the TH3 supergroup? Can you tell us more about how the collaboration came to be? 

A. They asked me to do it and I said yes. I am very nervous being the noob in a band with guys that have played together for ~30 years (I think) but also excited and it’s going to be cool. Long as I don’t have to miss the chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Q. What can fans expect from the upcoming Day Glow Funk Tour?

A. New songs, new production, new ditty.

Q. What inspiration have you pulled for the upcoming album? Are there any collaborations with other artists we can look forward to?

A. Oh man yes absolutely yes. Tech N9ne, Big Gigantic, Dirt Monkey, Recess, I think that’s it.

Q. The group is set to tour with Sunsquabi in 2020. How would you describe their sound? 

A. They call it hydrofunk I believe and that seems pretty apt. I trust their ability to describe themselves. Kevin is one of my favorite guitar players though.

Q. The band formed in 2008 in Lawrence, Kansas. The band performed live on stage after the Wakarusa Music Festival relocated, but did either of you attend Wakarusa while it was located in Lawrence? If so, do you have any memories of those events? If not, do see that area inspiring your style and sound? 

Guitar from The Floozies. Photo by: YouTube / The Floozies
Guitar from The Floozies. Photo by: YouTube / The Floozies

A. Mark did and he always had a blast. Exposed him and therefore me to a lot of the music in that scene. We always listen to each other’s music so our taste is an amalgamation of all the stuff we’ve each listened to and been inspired by.

Q. Are you into vinyl? If so, which records are in heavy rotation? 

A. We’d be into vinyl if we didn’t have little kids but a record player wouldn’t last long in either of our houses.

Q. The duo appears to enjoy basketball. Are there any teams you see taking home the championship this year?

A. Lakers probably. More concerned with Chiefs winning super bowl right now.

The Floozies Tour Dates

JAN 31, 2020 – FEB 2, 2020 | Gem & Jam Festival | Tucson, AZ
FEB 6, 2020 – FEB 8, 2020 | Brainquility Fest | Live Oak, FL | Brainquility Fest
FEB 8, 2020 | The Mission Ballroom | Denver, CO | Mission Trip w/SoDown, Anomalie, & Since JulEYE
FEB 26, 2020 | Higher Ground Ballroom | South Burlington, VT
with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
FEB 27, 2020 | Big Night Live | Boston, MA | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
FEB 28, 2020 | Theatre of Living Arts | Philadelphia, PA | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
FEB 29, 2020 | Agora Theatre | Cleveland, OH | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 1, 2020 | Town Ballroom | Buffalo, NY | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 4, 2020 | The Bluestone | Columbus, OH | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 5, 2020 | Royal Oak Music Theatre | Royal Oak, MI | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 6, 2020 | The Pageant | St Louis, MO | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 7, 2020 | The Sylvee | Madison, WI | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 8, 2020 | Canopy Club | Urbana, IL | with Sunsquabi & Late Night Radio
MAR 12, 2020 | Webster Hall | New York, NY | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 13, 2020 | The National | Richmond, VA | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 14, 2020 | Rams Head Live! | Baltimore, MD | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 15, 2020 | Neighborhood Theatre | Charlotte, NC | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 18, 2020 | The Riff | Springfield, MO | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 19, 2020 | The Waiting Room | Omaha, NE | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 20, 2020 | The Fillmore Minneapolis | Minneapolis, MN | with Sunsquabi
MAR 21, 2020 | Riviera Theatre | Chicago, IL | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
MAR 22, 2020 | The Intersection | Grand Rapids, MI | with Sunsquabi & Defunk
APR 24, 2020 | Salvage Station | Asheville, NC | with Sunsquabi & Nobide
APR 25, 2020 | The Caverns | Pelham, TN | with Sunsquabi & Nobide
APR 26, 2020 | Centennial Olympic Park | Atlanta, GA | SweetWater 420 Fest
MAY 22, 2020 – MAY 24, 2020 | Summer Camp Music Festival | Chillicothe, IL
JUL 2, 2020 – JUL 6, 2020 | High Sierra Music Festival | Quincy, CA

Check out the band’s main website for more information. Stream their latest music on Soundcloud.