Python programming. Photo by: / Christina Morillo
Python programming. Photo by: / Christina Morillo

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web Development 

On my fourth day of Python training I decided to pivot back to the fundamental Web coding languages.

I noticed that Python was more structured for large-scale Web projects, as well as app development. At this point, I also realized that Python might be outside of my wheel house. So, I went back to the drawing board to re-establish my skills on a smaller scale. 


At this point in my learning development I found that complex coding languages was outside of my wheelhouse at this time. As noted in my New Year’s Resolutions article, change is created from several small steps. In connection to Python being outside of my wheelhouse, I metaphorically started adding small additions to my skill set to better understand different coding languages and their use. 

LinkedIn Learning offers an excellent introductory track of courses for those looking to expand their skill set in programming in Web development.

Now, I can better prepare myself for learning complex coding techniques to progress in a more professional manner. Additionally, when it comes to coding, we have to crawl before we walk. In an era where developing a skill set as a programmer is highly sought out, those that go after that field need to properly obtain skills from the ground up. 

Mark Cuban on Computer Programming

“I learned early on there is always something new. And most people didn’t put in the time to learn it. It’s like now with artificial intelligence, lots of people talk about artificial intelligence, lots of people talk about machine learning and neural networks, not a lot of people are putting in the time to take classes or do the tutorials, or to learn how to apply it to business. And that’s what it takes. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve been fortunate with that.” – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has also noted he is learning with Amazon on machine learning, taking python classes, and has a neural networks book that he is currently reading.

Watch the following YouTube video to learn more about success with computer programming:

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