Explore how tech is reshaping the environment. Photo by: Pexels.com
Explore how tech is reshaping the environment. Photo by: Pexels.com

A Rise in Global Temperatures Continue to Create Longer Dry Seasons Worldwide

During the past fifty years global temperatures have continue to climb according to a report by NASA. As a result of this trend, countries around the globe have experienced longer fire seasons and extreme drought.

The Associated Press has noted that in the recent Australian wildfires the rainforests and jungle environments have even caught fire.


Progressive minds at Stanford, such as Eric Appel, Assistant Professor of materials science and engineering in the Stanford School of Engineering, has been working on preventive solutions to reduce the spread of wildfires.

Tech startups are making developments and improvements to controlling and managing extreme environmental conditions. Drones and robotics are making an impact in addition to the men and women fighting these fires on the ground.

As consumers we can make our impact by limiting the greenhouse gases we produce into the atmosphere by using cleaner energy, and demanding each of our government officials make global warming a priority to manage.

Watch a YouTube video by the AP for more on this subject.

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