A python snake. Photo by: SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS / Pexels.com
A python snake. Photo by: SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS / Pexels.com

This year has been a transitional year for many people. As I continue to develop my own skills within computer programming, I also find it important to keep an ongoing record of my learning progress.

Python is a computer language that I am determined to learn. The flexibility behind the code is one the reasons I am so passionate about learning it, using it, and helping others acquire the knowledge as well.


The act of learning a new language can come with different levels of difficulty. I’ve been reading books and using online learning platforms to drill in some of the core principles of Python. After using several different resources, I have found one tool that works excellent for me.

Coursera offers a variety of courses to learn from for $50 a month. I have found their sandbox environment to be highly engaging and operable. The act of practicing is one of the most useful tools to acquiring a new skill set.

One of the roadblocks that I have witnessed is taking the knowledge of understanding Python and being able to directly apply to a real-world problem. Coursera provides tests and knowledge checks that allow the learner to get hands on with the learning process. As an Instructional Designer, I find the methods used on Coursera extremely effective.

The current course I am taking does contain a vast amount of information. I was able to complete one week of work in my evening hours, but I am concerned about the questions that were being asked in the first section. Google is the company issuing the certificate for this course.

In the past, when I went to obtain Google certifications, I found the questions they used contained a large amount of vague textual cues to properly answer the question. I am a firm believer that a clear process is the best way to provide instruction.

After my first day of the course, I was excited to complete the first test. I will continue with learning tomorrow and hope to complete another section. My goal will be to write another Web article at the end of the week to provide a follow up on the progress.

The following video is from Microsoft and provides a free overview of how they teach Python. Connect with their full YouTube playlist for additional videos.