A photo of a shark chomping down with a boat in the background. Photo by: Adil Schindler / Pexels.com
A photo of a shark chomping down with a boat in the background. Photo by: Adil Schindler / Pexels.com

One of the longest-running and most exciting primetime televisions programs on ABC is continuing to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs with Season 12 of Shark Tank.

This week the show is highlights Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Mo’s Bows Memphis, K9 Mask and more creative talents from across the United States.


The special guest in the tank this week is Blake Mycoskie, the Founder of TOMS. His humble and positive spirit is always a nice addition to the panel. Mr. Wonderful, Lori, Mark, and Daymond worked together to analyze the pitches on Friday, November 20.

For many startups, entrepreneurs, and people within business, Shark Tank is a period of time each week to connect and learn from some of the brightest minds in wealth creation. During these tough economical times, I find it helpful to see the drive and spirit from many of the contestants to use as inspiration for myself.

I also love being able to connect with the sharks each week on social media during the live stream. They are open and supportive to all of their fans. Currently, I am living in the Denver area, and will be adding additional context about the show as it streams live in my time zone.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

The pitch included the health benefits behind the product. I found it extremely impressive that the owner of Pan’s Mushroom Jerky put up $100,000 dollars of his own money. The sharks bit into the pitch and the product. I found this deal was beneficial for all parties.

K9 Mask

The founders of K9 Mask have invented a product to help dogs breath in a more secure manner. The mask works as an air filter for wildfires and with the current pandemic. These masks seem to be extremely important for outdoor animals, such as horses and livestock. I could see the demand of these masks go up if pet owners noticed their animals having serious repository issues.


The most animated pitch of the evening was with the founders of moment. The drink does not have sugar or caffeine. A piece of their proceeds go to a great cause. I appreciate their energy and the idea of providing a subscription model to their product. Their cost of consumer acquisition appeared to be pretty high for the product.

Kevin broke out some Greek methodology for new entrepreneurs that was entertaining and insightful.

prime 6

The prime steaks product replaces firewood and charcoal with artificial wood. It has a reusable factor that is interesting. Their profit margin was favorable for the investors. Each log will burn for 4-8 hours. Their sales are also favorable. Overall, it is an excellent product and idea.

Watch highlights from Season 12 on YouTube:

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