New Orleans Haunted Hotel NFT by Crescent Vale.
New Orleans Haunted Hotel NFT by Crescent Vale.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital item stored on a blockchain. NFTs are usually digital items that are shared online. The unique difference is that a person can share a jpg, MP3, or movie file, but when you buy and sell NFTs, you can exchange ownership of the item.

I’ve just started my journey with creating NFTs and it stemmed from using an Android app called GoArt. My goal was to take a photograph of my brother’s dog, and create a cartoon of the image. In the past, I have used Adobe Photoshop to do a similar version of this process, but with GoArt, I found a larger amount of filters to use to create a new image.


Create a Digital Image

GoArt provides a free trial and a paid version for users. I was able to mint the image on GoArt, and share it across email and social media. After creating my first NFT digital image, my next experiment was to use their AI-generated image production by typing in a string of text, and having a computer generate a unique image. My first test was with the text, ‘New Orleans Haunted Hotel.’ The app generated an image, I minted it, and added it to my personal gallery. It was fun and exciting to see the work on my phone.

Open a Metamask Digital Wallet

After producing the image, I started to plan and execute the process of getting the image on a selling platform, such as OpenSea. I found out that I needed to create a Metamask digital wallet. The GoArt app provided in-depth steps to open a Metamask wallet, and link it to an OpenSea account.

Post the Image to OpenSea

After you have a Metamask wallet linked with OpenSea, you will need to purchase gas fees to sell an item on OpenSea. In this case, I needed to buy Polygon to sell the NFT. OpenSea will display the image on their platform for buyers to purchase. When a new NFT producer posts a work of art, it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of competition. It is helpful to network and develop a body of work that resonates with buyers online.

NFTs are an emerging form of art that will continue to increase overtime. The challenge will be to capture attention from buyers to get them to want your artwork. This is similar to creating and producing physical artwork.


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