Summer Set Music Festival | Sunday, August 11

“Sicky Nar Nar”

Mama Digdown’s Brass Band | Sunday 2:00 – 2:30

Mama Digdown’s Brass Band, Madison, Wisconsin’s brass band took to the Summer Set streets early Sunday morning for a ruckus style parade. The octet from Madison brought the heat to the Summer Set Music Festival. I joined the circus as they passed through the campgrounds and during their performance at the Salon Stage. After I caught some of the brass band, I made my way over to the Grove Stage to party with Wick-it the Instigator.

Dessa at Summer Set
Dessa at Summer Set
Dessa | Sunday 4:00 – 5:00

Dessa , is also apart of Doomtree, and hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before this festival, I was unaware of the talented lyricist coming up in Minnesota. The location of Somerset, Wisconsin is geographically perfect to showcase the unknown nuggets of talent in Minneapolis music scene. The Dessa set was exciting and sexy from start to finish. There was a intimate moment between Dessa and the members of the rage stick community. During the set, Dessa inquired about why do guests carry these large totems around with them all day. One guest simply pointed out it was to find his friends. The simplistic nature caught the attention of Dessa, before she lit the crowd up with her powerful vocals. They performed ‘Dixon’s Girl’ live on Sunday, as well as many other great original tracks for the Summer Set crowd.

Common | Sunday 6:05 – 7:10

Common, Chicago-based entertainer has captured the world’s imagination countless times over. His live performance is an extension of his uncut talent. It was my first time being able to experience his music live in person, and it felt like seeing an old cousin at a family reunion for the first time in years. The music festival scene has a way of building bonds between musicians, guests, the media, promoters, townspeople, officers, public figures, and just about everyone and their mother. When I attend music festivals, I think of it as like a family gathering of my favorite people.
The set Common performed on Sunday was nothing short of impressive. His off-the-cuff improv segments were some of the deepest spontaneously created lyrics I have ever heard in my life in person. I wish I could just roll around town with Common and his crew. Before the show I was able to talk with his back up band for a bit about fashion. Their Jordan’s stood out, and I normally can tell when someone is from Chicago by the pieces of wearable art.

Common at Summer Set
Common at Summer Set

Krewella vs. Flosstradamus

Flosstradamus, their set needs to have a security warning label, and I don’t mean explicit lyrics. One guest mentioned five people near him passing out during ‘Mosh Pit’. A medic helicopter was brought in, and police we circling the area continuously. It was over the edge, over the top, extreme, in other words it was “sicky-nar-nar”. I sincerely hope the all of guests made it through the show. Overall the Flosstradamus show was more geared for guys, and the Krewella set was more for the ladies.

Krewella, Chicago-based purebreed rock stars started late after an audio issue occurred during setup for the Common performance. It was the only stage setup hiccup all weekend. Once Krewella got going; there was no looking back. The crowd cheered and sung along with several classic tracks remixed by Krewella.

STS9 Closes Down the Main Stage

STS9, hand crafted another musical masterpiece on Sunday night. The developers of 1320 Records have been off the charts with their performance this summer. Pick up the STS9 set via the Web Link. Over the weekend 1320 Records artists were blazing new trails in the EDM movement. During the STS9 set, Diplo was also tearing down the house on the Grove Stage late Sunday night. Guests danced and carried on late into the night, and left throughout Monday. The festival was daring to take chances. It was a thrill ride during most of the performances, and the guests were great. I’ll be back for round three next year.

STS9 at Summer Set
STS9 at Summer Set