A Thousand Faces - Act 1
A Thousand Faces - Act 1

A Thousand Faces – Act 1

A Thousand Faces - Act 1
A Thousand Faces – Act 1

Beats Antique has released “A Thousand Faces – Act 1” and they are excited to share it with the world. After recently getting to know the band during the summer, I found myself donating to their Kickstarter project for this album, and following all the action that has gone into their release. Kickstarter fans can also expect their merchandise in the near future. The band’s PR team mentioned the items have been sent out via their social network.

Tommy Cappel, drummer for Beats Antique, talked with us last July on the progression of the album, (interview link). He mentioned that the production value for this album had evolved outside of the studio, and unto the stage.


Along with the fall release, we are doing a full new show that includes 3D mapping, video production and all sorts of little exciting parts. – Cappel

The album is everything a Beats Antique fan would want, and so much more. It draws in global beat structures that spark the imagination and that creative flame that lives inside of everyone. It has been an honor to be able to get to know the band, work with them, support their work, watch it grow, and see them produce it live on stage. It is the American dream in action.

Les Claypool, San Francisco bassist, joins the bands for the track ‘Beezlebub’ off of their latest release. The track is a well-crafted piece of evlovtion between Claypool and Beats Antique. Both influences can be noted, and steps forward for both act is displayed during this track as well. The album is populated with talented artists from various musical genres. Hip-hop lyricist, iconic bassist, and many more musicians help make this album a must-have for any record collection.

Currently the album is available at: iTunes Web Link
Stream songs from the album with the band’s with their Soundcloud at: Soundcloud Web Link

Overture by Beats Antique

Beats Antique YouTube Playlist

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