Music and Celebration Guide to December 31, 2013

Written by Matthew McGuire


The biggest and best films, albums and occasionally the best concerts are produced and released during the end of each year. Last year we covered two NYE runs with Lotus and The Werks in Chicago and the Yonder Mountain String Band in Boulder. This year we are gearing up for events in 2014, and wanted to give our readers a rundown on the biggest and best shows scheduled for New Year’s Eve 2013. Go through our anchor tag list to easily review each band’s festivites planned for this evening, and link up with live streams for selected acts.



Featured New Year’s Eve Events:

Big Gigantic
Lance Herbstrong
String Cheese Incident
The Werks
Umphrey’s McGee
Yonder Mountain String Band

Big Gigantic at the Roseland Ballroom

Big Gigantic, The White Panda, Twonkeisha, DJ GREENLANTERN and Manic Focus starting things off in New York City on 12/30.

12/31 Set Times

BigGigantic – 11:45
DallasK – 9:20
Two Fresh – 8:35
alexenglish – 8:00

Stream one of their latest remixes featuring Ray Dalton and production Ryan Lewis. Big Gigantic celebrated last NYE in Chicago with Griz, and have relocated to NYC for 2013. This February the Colorado duo will be releasing “Up All Night” with 1320 Records. All fans who purchase a presale ticket for their 2014 winter/spring tour will receive a complimentary download of “The Night is Young” 24-Hours before the official public release.

Lance Herbstrong Countdown in Houston


Free Press Houston’s NYE festival in Houston, TX will be taking place at Sam Houston Park this December 31. Veteran FPSF acts will be on hand including: Girl Talk, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, along with Big Freedia, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Lance Herbstrong, American Fangs, Drrrty Poonjabi, Grandfather Child, The Beans, Josiah Gabriel, DJ Fredster, and G. Wizz.

Lotus Launches into the New Year in Philadelphia


Lotus and the Miller brothers have been relentless in 2013. It is unethical for other media outlets to produce articles covering the lack of rock bands and hip-hop from this past year. Lotus has merged and forged these two genres, as well as brining their hard-hitting electro/sexy elevator music to the masses nationwide.

This New Years Eve the band is concluding their massive year at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. Willyum will be opening the show with his style of worship music.

Moe. and the Conehead Horns

These two acts are set to perform live at the Palace Theater on 12.31.13. During this past year Moe. has been busy in the studio and on the road. They have been gearing up to host the 14th Annual Summer Camp Music Festival.

The Crescent Vale editors may not be able to make it to the NYE Moe. set this year, but we were in Chicago during their 2002 NYE run. At one point during ‘Recreational Chemistry’ my friend and I look over at each to notify a song change, and we noticed that the song had been going for over 45 minutes. This year is was noted that Phish went on a six-song set during their NYE run.

Phish Swim Back into Madison Square Garden


Phish has evolved into a species all into its own. The northeast kings of Rock and Roll will be providing a live stream of their NYE run at the Madison Square Garden. In an emerging era of home entertainment; Phish has made the shift from being a live band, to being pay-per-view. In a lot of ways the band is bridging how people consume live music. We hope that the 2009 recession begins to end in 2014, but for a lot of venues the lack of revenue has already taken its toll. Live music is going to need a lot of help from attendees in the upcoming years to survive.

Their creativity and timing was impeccable to building up a holiday tradition. It is a double edge sword in many ways though, as fans continue to put more and more pressure on the band for a legendary night of music. Phish has already been lighting up the stage with complex and sophisticated arrangements of their music catalog. Catch their live show live online at Live Phish.

STS9 In Hotlanta

Find out all the updates, setlists and happenings going on the STS9 universe with their Twitter feed. This evening the band will perform at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. For those recording media this evening, please use #STS9 as the hashtag to unify the content.

Cheese and Wine for NYE

Artwork done by Matt Leunig with Scrapped Knee

Review and recap all the action that went down during the first two nights of The String Cheese Incidents NYE in Colorado. Click on the SCI poster image to link up to their live stream for this evening.

Set 1: Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band* > A Little Help From My Friends* > Just One Story, Little Hands > Dudley’s Kitchen, Yo Se, Rain, Black and White* > I Wish*

Set 2: Can’t Wait Another Day*, Jellyfish* > Rollover, Struggling Angel, Looking Glass > Dirk* > Jungle Boogie* > Dirk*

Encore: Down A River**, Lester Had A Coconut^, Round The Wheel^^

Guests: * with Karl Denson and Chris Littlefield, ** – Billy solo, ^ – Kang, Moseley, Nershi and Travis, ^ – Kang, Moseley, Nershi, Travis and Hollingsworth to start – Hann joins towards middle.

12/29/13: 1STBANK Center – Broomfield, CO

S1: BollyMunster, Sometimes A River > Rhum N Zouc, Okie From Muskogee*, Song In My Head, Best Feeling > Restless Wind

S2: Rosie#, Miss Brown’s Teahouse# > The Chicken# > Miss Brown’s Teahouse#, Impressions#, Bertha %, Barstool, Joyful Sound > EOTO > Close Your Eyes

Encore: Breathe^ > Royals^ > Breathe^

Notes: * with Wayne Coyne and Derek Brown (The Flaming Lips), # with Tiny Universe horns and Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), % with David Hidalgo and Steve Berlin, ^ with Keller Williams

[via Friends Of Cheese and SCI Facebook]

The Werks Ring in the New Year at the Newport Music Hall

During 2013 we have built a strong bond with The Werks, and their fanbase. When we covered the first section of the Lotus NYE 2012 in Chicago, The Werks opened the show live at Riviera Theater. Since the first show, we have been trying to catch up with their die-hard passion for music. Their NYE show is one not to miss for those living nearby the Newport Music Hall.

Umphrey’s McGee Return to the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Umphrey's McGee at the Hangout Music Festival

Brass balls will fill the stage as plastic balloons will drop from the ceiling at the Fillmore Auditorium this evening. I use the term brass balls due to the band’s attitude towards live shows. They refuse to sell for less than what you ask for, and refuse to give their fans anything less than %300 of their life for music.

My life was on line during a Umphrey’s McGee set in 2008 at the Mulberry Mountain Harvest Festival. For those that were in attendance, you will all remember Hurricane Ike moving over the outdoor festival around 8 p.m. When Umphrey’s McGee was put up against Hurricane Ike; they fought back, and performed one of the best sets of music that I will ever see in my lifetime. UM performed in a small tent for 500-750 people during a hurricane. The tent was buckling from the strong wind, and UM just kept raising the bar. We hope they have a safe and historic night of music in Denver with all of the Umphreaks.

Yonder Mountain String Band host the Acoustic Planet

Yonder Mountain String Band

Yonder Mountain String Band continues to give back with multiple charity shows during their NYE run. When I look back at life, I think about the people I have helped, and it has been an honor to work with YMSB, and so many other thoughtful acts this year.

We spoke with Jeff Austin, vocalist and mandolinist for Yonder Mountain, recently on his favorite spots to eat at in 2013. The band will be celebrating NYE at the Boulder Theater once again. This year they pulled in some new guests, and have been reuniting with some veterans from the Acoustic Planet during this NYE run including Jerry Douglas and Sam Bush and Futureman from Béla Fleck and the Flecktons.

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