Lift Your Spirit

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Aloe Blacc is On Top

Lift Your Spirit

Written by Matthew McGuire

Aloe Blacc reminds the world who the man is with “Lift Your Spirit” on Interscope-Geffen Records. The latest installment features Elton John, Pharrell Williams and cleans house for best record of 2014.
Blacc and company debuted at number 1 on iTunes during their first week. They are currently taking SXSW by storm. He has a summer tour lined up with Bruno Mars, as well as selective festival dates.
These 12 tracks provoke and bring out inner spirits with a layer of soul and gospel. Avicii broke out in 2013 with a sample of Blacc’s ‘Wake Me Up’. This album plays an acoustic version of that track and shows another side to the song.
Elton John helped craft ‘The Man’ with the group to help round the edges and polish the sound. The soul that Aloe Blacc produces is similar to John’s work in the ’70s. The track is a reflection of a two timeless musicians that love making music.

Interscope-Geffen Records put together a YouTube stream as a way to preview the album. Go through tracks like ‘Here Today’ to experience the uplifting nature that Aloe puts on this record. Listen in to ‘Ticking Bomb’ to feel the sly and sexy spin he puts on “Lift Your Spirit”.

Pharrell joins Blacc for ‘Love is the Answer’ on this 2014 masterpiece. Their track together catches listeners attention immediately with the cool and collective beat. Williams assisted with production on the song, and his fingerprints can be spotted subtlety.
Each song is set to make your day a little more enjoyable with the collection of hours before you go back to bed. After catching Aloe at the North Coast Music Festival this past year, we noted that he was one of the top rated stars of the event, and this album is another piece of inspiring art that he has produced during his +20 years in the entertainment business.
Stream a sampler of the album, download a copy with the iTunes and Amazon marketplaces, and “Lift Your Spirits” today.