Gramatik at the Copper Dragon - 4/10

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“There comes a time in a human life when you reach the so-called ‘age of reason’ and realize that there are so many irrational beliefs, shameless contradictions and illogical restrictions inflicted upon society for various malicious reasons, things that were deliberately designed to keep us in line and prevent us from reaching our full potential as a species.” – Gramatik

Carbondale, Illinois — The Lowtempo crew hit the club circuit during the spring and early summer of 2014. We caught up with Russ Liquid, BRANX, Gibbz and Gramatik during their 4/10 show at the Copper Dragon.

Gramatik - Copper Dragon
Gramatik with Russ Liquid – Copper Dragon

Russell Scott, also known as Russ Liquid kicked off the music for the night with his solo set. His set was mainly instrumental tracks with an addition of horn music layered to his heavy bass. Later in the evening Russ and Gramatik provided the crowd with some live on stage collaborations. During their travel down the night before from Madison, WI, the two hand crafted a new tune.

For those attending the Summer Camp Music Festival, Gramatik will be hosting a special late night performance in the Red Barn. It is one of the only EDM late night shows in the Red Barn this year, and one show that is a Not-to-Miss set at the festival in Chillicothe, Illinois.

BRANX and Gibbz followed next to a warmed up crowd. Guests continued to flow into the Copper Dragon during the late hours of Thursday, April 10. The upper balcony area was opened and pumped full of high energy music fans. All different sizes of dance-crazed guests packed the dance floor during the second act.

The duo of BRANX and Gibbz sparked the crowd and wooed the ladies with their vocals and electric beats. They continued to rise the energy of the crowd before Gramatik took the stage as the headliner for the evening.

Denis Jasarevic, also known as Gramatik waited until the crowd was packed and gnawing at the bone for top tier EDM before he arrived on stage at the Copper Dragon. Recently Denis released a new album titled “The Age of Reason” on his own record label. He goes over the meaning for this record in a quote we have near the top of this post.

Gramatik continues to push and use the new business model for artists at large, (sell your content directly through your own website.) The middle man and record labels is getting squeezed out of the picture in the music industry. It is time for all musicians and producers to start self-distributing their work to have proper control over their intellectual property.

This tour is officially going out with a cross-country-splitting bang.

Next week, they will travel to Columbus, Ohio, to perform at The Bluestone on Wednesday. The next night they will be playing at Anthem in Nashville, Tennessee. On Friday evening the EDM outfit hits The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri. Next stop, Western State University Lawn, where the tour will perform a free live show for the college students in Colorado. Their spring US tour ends with a show on 4/20 next Sunday at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.

Stay connected to our main website on our Google+ page for updates on photo galleries. Nicholas Hess will have some additional photos up shortly.