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Mystery Skulls, is s juggernaut DJ and producer otherwise known as Luis Dubuc. In addition to locking down a closing set at the Hangout Music FestivalDubuc is also currently working on his debut album which features production from Nile Rodgers and guest features including R&B/pop singer Brandy.

Sunday, May 18

Red Bull Stage | 7:30 – 8:45

Mystery Skulls

Luis briefed us on his progressive career as an top tier DJ. He went over his first international listening experience via the radio. We spoke with him on his time in Los Angeles and his work leading up to the 2014 summer schedule. Stop by his set at the 2014 Hangout Music Festival.

CV: You are currently based out of LA. How does the area influence your sound?

Luis: Living in LA definitely plays a role in my sound. I moved here about two years ago. I think that there is a lot of people living here, in comparison to Dallas, where I was living. There is a lot of transit population here. Lots of different scenes to play in. I have been able to play for the rock kids, and the dance kids. There is a lot of different types of shows I have been playing, and yeah, that has kind of influenced me, and way the record sounds. It is all over the board.

 CV: How do you feel radio is different or similar in LA compared to Dallas?

Luis: One of my favorite radio stations is actually 102.3 KJLH, Stevie Wonder’s radio station. He has a really good one here in LA. I love that stuff. I think they always play cool, inspiring music. That’s something that you may not really find in many other places.

CV: Do you have a memory of your first radio listening experience that you can share?

Luis: The first part of my life I lived in Venezuela in a rural area or village. We moved to Toronto when I was like eight or nine. So, that would have been the first time I would have heard radio, and it was based out the neighborhood we were living in at the time. It was what my parents wanted to listen to and in line with Lionel Richie was the kind of stuff I heard for the first time on the radio. The first cassette I every bought was Black Box. I had like Deee-lite, and all this other stuff. So, the early stuff I heard on the radio is how maybe I eventually fell n love with music.

CV: Has there been any producers or musicians that have inspired you recently?

Luis: I self-produced my own album recently, and got to work with a couple of people. I worked with Nile Rodgers. He was really inspiring in a multitude of ways. His work ethic is simply inspiring. I mean he kind of works all day long. So, we are doing like 14 hour days, just working on songs. We will work on tons of songs, and multiple ones at a time. I was inspired by that. After spending a few days with him, I definitely wanted to just finish the record after that.

 CV: There is another Hangout Music Festival artist alumni, Claude VonStroke, that you may have worked with or indirectly worked with in past. How was that experience? When someone samples your record does the artist always ask permission first?

Luis: He did a remix of one of my songs. It turned out so good it is definitely was the one turned out really special. It all depends when artists use others work. It varies, but if it is a good remix, it’s a good remix.

CV: You will be closing down the Red Bull Stage on Sunday night. How does that feel going into the event?

Luis: I’m actually proud of it, and I am really, really excited about it. This is a festival that a lot of people talk about, and when I got asked to do it, I responded with an instant ‘yes’. So, I am honored to be playing at the end there.

CV: Is there a certain time of day or hour that you find your creative peak?

Luis: I think for me it is somewhere in between 3-6 p.m. at night. It is definitely after lunch, and it has been a cool day, maybe some things have happened, and then, that is when I usually sit down and start working.

Luis ended the conversation by letting us know about his recent invitation to perform at the Festival De Cannes in Paris this month. His international non-stop thrill ride will be making a splash this year at the Hangout event in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Make sure to cap off Sunday night with dance party at the Red Bull Sound Select Stage with Mystery Skulls.

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