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Track One on 4th Ave. in Nashville, TN and gradate students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale worked together to host Soundings: An Evening of Sound Art and Performance on Saturday, May 3. The Swamp Tigers cut a live record with the help from Alex Kirt, The Woodbox Gang lead singer and guitarist. In addition to Kirt’s live performance a list of graduate students also made their mark on the emerging art scene in Nashville.

  •  Todd Birdsong – Radio After Radio
  • Stacy Jill Calvert – Notes from Las Vegas
  • Mickey Lee Everett – Limones
  • Alex Kirt: Plowing Lacquer: The Swamp Tigers Session.
    I will be producing/engineering a direct to disc analog recording of a live performance by the Southern Illinois based rockabilly band The Swamp Tigers. The recording of this live performance will be added to the Southern Illinois Music Archive collection that I am currently establishing as a major component for my MFA thesis project.
  • Matthew McGuire – The Masquerade of Red Death
  • Jay Needham – Professor
  • Alex Reeder – Picture Motion
  • JP Rhea – Time and Memory (The Haunted Clock)
  • Honna Veerkamp – Honeybee Collection


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Browse a full sized PDF handbill from the event on Saturday, May 3.

Track One hosted our event, and friends from the area directed our group around the art crawl to several fun and unique spots. Art Crawl Pop Up – Kelli Shay Hix and Josh Gumiela was held at 444 Humphrey’s. We tasted their hand crafted beer and made our way around the different art exhibits.

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Matthew McGuire is the founder and editor of Crescent Vale News. In 2014, he acquired a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.