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Written by: Matthew McGuire

RSA/Black Dog Films announced today that after the critically acclaimed world premiere at Sundance Film Festival, the taut directorial debut from Rose McGowan, DAWN, will have an Oscar © qualifying run in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent starting September 19th.



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“I’m curating a festival of directors that have given their lead women a strong voice.  These stories could have been told with men in the title characters, but these directors showed us what happens when you break stereotypes.  They have inspired me as a woman, as a director and as a person”, said Rose.

We started connecting with Rose and her film work during our coverage for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Her work transcends time and history, and provides audiences with art that can be relative for generations. Watch her latest work “Dawn” and get ready for more from Rose and her production team.

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Dates for Dawn Screening in LA

Friday, Sep 19th, 8PM: THELMA & LOUISE
Saturday, Sep 20th, 7PM: SIXTEEN CANDLES
Sunday, Sep 21st, 7PM: ROSEMARY’S BABY
Tuesday, Sep 23rd, 7:30PM: HARLD AND MAUDE
Wednesday, Sep 24th, 8PM: CARRIE
Thursday, Sep 25th, 8PM: THE PARENT TRAP


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