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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Take a ride on the Creature Carnival this fall with Beats Antique & Emancipator. According to the Beats Antique website, the group will be performing live on Halloween night. They are one of the top billed acts and will most likely have a headlining time slot that would fall before or after the Cheese set.

If you are planning on dressing up for Hulaween this Halloween, Beats Antique have designed masks for guests to download and print off. These are 2D masks, but I can see the band moving to using 3D masks in future years.

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We have worked with the band in the past. It is always a thrill to see what they have planned next. Beats Antique is one of the more thought out bands in the music scene today. When talking with Sidecar Tommy in 2013, it was noted that the band goes far beyond music production to get their audiences as into a show as possible.

Dress up as your favorite person, place or thing this Halloween. Tony Smith, writer for Crescent Vale will be on hand, and dressed to impress. Each Halloween Tony has gone above and beyond his costumes. His has mentioned this year he is creating an all tape white suit to strut in during the event. Use your creative energy in any positive manner. This tour and stop at Hulaween is a bucket list set for any Beats Antique fan.


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