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Photos & Words by: Matthew McGuire

Keller Williams busted out two big barefoot sets of music at the Copper Dragon on Friday, November 14. This show marked my fourth time seeing Keller at the Copper Dragon. Jason Ross, editor with Crescent Vale, attended my first Keller concert with me in 2001 at the The Arc in Ann Arbor Michigan with The String Cheese Incident. We went to the show together last night and shared drinks and laughter with old and new friends. Skim through quotes, photos and an introduction video to Keller’s cover of Modest Mouse’s ‘Float On’.

Williams performed new songs of his upcoming album that we spoke with us about in a recent interview. In addition to the interview, Williams also added insight on his new album and fall tour:

Q. Which of the new songs from your upcoming album are you ready to hit the stage with the most?


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Keller Williams

I think all of them have been road tested so to speak. Even when its not ready, or flushed out it kind of hits the stage early, (laughs). Sometimes it gets flushed out on stage. There is new songs that I have played a bunch recently, one called ‘High & Mighty’. The McCoury’s song is called ‘The Drop’. We played that a few times. The John Kadlecik songs, with one being an instrumental and one titled ‘I Love California’. There are a lot of songs that I have been playing recently, and the past year or two that have found a home. – KW



Q. How has the 2014 tour been going? Has it been a smooth ride?

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Keller Williams

“I am a weekend guy. I usually leave Thursday morning and return Sunday evening. It is a real blast. Coming out of the festival season, and getting back inside, and actually having soundchecks is a bit of a luxury. I’ve been really enjoying the indoor energy, and the soundchecks.” – KW



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This tour Keller has been playing with his band for select shows, joining bands for special projects, and working the Midwest with a solo run including the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri. The concert at the Copper Dragon on Friday night in Carbondale featured old and new tracks. He played a live ultra funk version of ‘Freshies’, stream the song via his Soundcloud.

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Additionally, Williams performed originals and covers, one particular reggae inspired cover of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ by Taylor Swift. A groovy remix Butthole Surfers ‘Pepper’ was remastered on stage. He dipped back into his catalog of tunes with, ‘Breathe’, ‘Freaker by the Speaker’, ‘Dear Emily’ as well as newer tunes. The crowd was filled with good people from wall to wall. It was refreshing to see so many friendly faces celebrating a night of music with an acoustic guitar player. Keller continues to loop music on stage. This concert featured 2-3 acoustic/electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a drum machine. It was a standard Keller show. My older brother and I enjoyed yelling at Keller about his use of spaced out note structures that resembled David Bowie.

He performed two full sets that stirred the crowd into a frenzy. It was refreshing to hear a crowd strongly demand for an encore. Williams jumped back on stage for two more tracks for the Carbondale audience. He will wrap his Midwest leg, and head back out for another set of shows. Stop by his concerts for great music, and good people.


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