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E-Dubble and 27 Lights teamed up together to produce ‘Surrounded By Giants’ on Two Tone Rebel Records. The 5 track EP was released on 1/20/15. Listeners can pick up a copy via iTunes, and stream the music on Soundcloud.

These tracks are classic e-dubble, with a little more relaxed energy in comparison to past tracks by e-dubble. This could be from the melancholy tone of 27 Lights, in comparison of the extreme high energy tracks that e-dubble has released in the past. Party with Wookies was an excellent ending track to this EP. His lyrics still carry serious weight and depth.

His raw passion for rapping and music in soaking through every bar, every line and every beat he works on. E-Dubble continues to pave an indie road for talented artists.

After having e-dubble help pull the metaphorical demons out of me last year, it is refreshing to hear his latest project with 27 Lights.



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