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Written by: Theodore King

Wasalu Muhammad Jaco stage name Lupe Fiasco is a well known musician that exploded on the Alternative Rap scene in 2006 with his debut album, “Food & Liquor”.

Since then he has launched multiple fashion lines and releases a plethora of new music to thoughtfully engage and entertain. His latest album “Tetsuo & Youth” may be the most content packed of his career. His music heavily influenced by his antiestablishment rhetoric often involves controversy.

In 2013 Lupe was removed from the Washington D.C. Stage for having anti-Obama lyrics within his work. While Lupe seems to enjoy the controversy he creates he also has an astonishing career as an avid philanthropist who supports and promotes issues ranging from cancer to clean drinking water.

With his recent album release, Lupe is poised to take Hangout Music Festival 2015 by storm. The festival is set in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama. It continues to produce crowds over 40 thousand in attendance you can guarantee that Lupe Fiasco will be a crowd stunner.

There is a certain brilliance or magnificence seeing an artist perform live. In my past visits to hangout I’ve seen this first hand from relatively unknown acts that launch sprawling career to old flames that rekindle the spark.

The Hangout music festival now servers as a barometer for talent and with a good showing it propels the artist to new heights for the rest of the year. If nothing else we are in for one wild ride this and I’m strapped in.


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