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Written by: Matthew McGuire

St. Lucia is set to perform at the Hangout Music Festival on Friday, May 15.

Five musicians make up the band featuring: Jean-Philip Grobler, Patricia Beranek, Ross Clark, Nick Paul andDustin Kaufman. They originally come from Johannesberg, South Africa, and currently reside in New York, New York. 

This May the band is traveling to the sandy shores of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

It will be one of the first, and possibly only performances from a South African group at the Hangout Music Festival. When a diehard music fan has seen a vast amount of domestic acts, the world starts to open up to find new acts.

St. Lucia can be considered progressive pop music. Their use of the synthesizer is reminiscent of pop music from the 80s. The band has talked about their influences from that time period. Stream their music and gear up for their set at the 2015 Hangout Music Festival.

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