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Written by: Matthew McGuire

The Tribeca Film Festival is providing a section of short films to view for free via their main website. This review takes a look at The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser, Ghettotube, and Cafe Glass that are currently available through 4/27/15.

During the next week, online users can stream and watch short films that just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. There is currently 7 short films to choose from on Sunday, April 19.


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Once you create a Tribeca account and log in you can watch seven TFF 2015 short films as soon as they have their World Premieres here in Manhattan. (All films expire at 11:59 pm on April 27.)

The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser

Directed by: Jack Marchetti

Producer: John Xydis, Jack Marchetti

Editor: Brian Levin

Cinematographer: Mitch Martinez

Executive Producer: John Sturgess, Constance O’Brien, Jack Marchetti

Cast: Matt Pratt, Christina Rose, Hannah Duncan, Jonathan Vaughn, Grayson Hodgkiss, Katherine Ablan

Tribeca Film Festival presents: The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Producer, a short film that illustrates the progression of the music industry from 1996 to modern day with a cynical look from Marchetti and company.

Marchetti setup a Kickstarter for this film and setup a $25,000 budget for the film. During my first watch at home on my desktop created dozens of parallels to the plot. The director and I are similar ages, and went through similar transitions in the music industry. The soundtrack mirrors the cassettes, CDs, vinyl records and digital libraries that I have grown up with.

After being able to attend a film festival in a packed theater, watching a series of shorts, and watching the crowd react differently live is something I love, similar to the passion that Marchetti puts into music with this short film.

This is also lands on Record Store Day. The parallel was another layer that shows the thought put into this project.

It made think, music has Record Store Day. The film industry has film festivals, such as Tribeca, Sundance, and SxSW to help independent artists on an independent level.

The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Producer reminded me why I love the musicians that makeup the industry, not the industry.


Directed by: Saïd Belktibia

Executive Producer: Bachir Arfaoui, David Diane

Language: French


Tribeca Film Festival presents: Ghettotube from a French director, Saïd Belktibia. One of my favorite elements to film and music festivals is the opportunity to experience new material from artists from all around the globe.

This film captures the power of cinema and imagery, in addition to a young mans coming of age. As the main character finds himself driven by money and wealth, this results in his desire to obtain more attention online in hopes for financial success. The story shows a downward spiral of the narrator making poor decisions with publishing content on the Web.

It does take an interesting view on how and what people seem to gravitate towards when viewing content online. Ghettotube is thoughtful, intelligent and thrilling.

Cafe Glass

Director: Wen Ren

Executive Producer: Devin Goodsell

Composer: Chris Marz

Cast: Devin Goodsell, Bridgett Lynn Luevanos, Alonso Grandio, Frank Raducz Jr.

Wen Ren, director of Cafe Glass shows an augmented view to Google Glass. After the headset hit a roadblock due to privacy issues, Ren takes the concept of Glass and expands upon the options and functionality.

The idea of creating science fiction that later becomes reality has been happening for years. It is interesting to think about pitching prototype ideas for products in combination of in-depth storytelling. The plot to Cafe Glass felt a little immature. It goes through a love story, but could deliver a much stronger storyline.

Visual effects in this film were done well with a limited budget. An intriguing element to the short film category is to find artists rich in potential and see where they go in the future.

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