Google I/O 2015 | Photo by: Google Developers / YouTube
Google I/O 2015 | Photo by: Google Developers / YouTube

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Google is now streaming their latest products, Android and the mobile revolution on YouTube.


Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Products at Google, and Dave Burke are currently going over innovations within the company, as well as future plans in the works. Burke is discussing Android Pay is a big project that Google is currently working on.

“You can use your fingerprint to access your transactions.” – Dave Burke

David Singleton, Director of Android Wear, covers the latest updates being released with Google watches and wearables.

“It’s glanceable, actionable, and effortless. And that is the cornerstone of how we think about all interactions on Android Wear. Our latest release of Android Wear, which is rolling out over the next few weeks, brings this approach to even more parts of the experience.” – David Singleton

Introducing Google Photos

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This live presentation gives users a preview of upcoming applications, and technology that Google is developing within their company. Watch the event live, and connect with a live chat via the Google Developers YouTube Stream.

Google I/O 2015

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Learn about the latest product and platform innovations at Google.

Technology News

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