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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Doug Ellin, and with the help from Cadillac, produces a unique short film that puts to rest any movie trailer I have ever seen in my life.

As an Entourage fan growing up, I became accustomed to Ellin’s writing, and production work. Over the years, one could tell that he was being stretched thin mentally. This short film is an excellent preview, and a refreshing look to Ellin’s creative flow going into the Entourage film release coming up June 3.

Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves return to the screen with a refreshed sense of chemistry. They showoff Italy and their love for one another within this short film.

HBO and Warner Brothers Pictures have helped make the television series a full-length film. Piven and Reeves have continued to not age on film. The short film takes a lot of Piven’s character, Ari Gold, and his relentless work ethic.

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The characters in this story are crafted so well. The depth to their abilities make it exciting see what will unfold coming up in the Entourage film.

Watch a short film on the return of Ari Gold, and the Entourage team. Starring Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves. Written and directed by Doug Ellin.

YouTube Short Film: Presented by Cadillac

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