METRIC. Lie Lie Lie. Photo by: METRIC / YouTube
METRIC. Lie Lie Lie. Photo by: METRIC / YouTube

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Break into the latest material from METRIC and Nightjacket.

METRIC, Toronto-based industrial rock group, has a new album titled, Pagans in Vegas available on September 18.

The band has noted that Pagans in Vegas will be the first of two albums that were born out of their time spent writing in 2014 with guitarist/producer Jimmy Shaw at his studio in Toronto, delving into his wall of modular synthesizers, and front woman Emily Haines with acoustic instruments in Nicaragua and Spain.

As Pagans reveals itself to be much more electronic and industrial than anything in their past, the as-yet-unnamed follow up LP promises to be quite the opposite.

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METRIC on tour:

September 5-6 /// Made In America /// Philadelphia, PA
September 12 /// Indie Jam /// Oceanside, CA
September 18 /// Music Midtown /// Atlanta, GA
September 26 /// Life Is Beautiful Festival /// Las Vegas, NV
October 30 /// Voodoo Festival /// New Orleans, LA
November 21 /// Untapped Festival /// San Antonio, TX
Nov 21-22 /// Whatever Festival /// Houston, TX


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Nightjacket on Bandcamp

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