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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Amazon Prime is now offering delivery services with participating restaurants in the Portland area. Currently the following restaruants have linked up with Amazon to provide delivery: Pok Pok, Sizzle Pie, Waffle Window, Seres Restaurant, Luc Lac, East India Co Grill & Bar, Kim Jong Grillin and many more.

Amazon has stated that the delivery service is only available in select zip codes for Portland. I tested a few zip codes with not much luck on the first day.

My theory is that the residents living in Portland and Seattle that live nearby the restaurants will have a much more likely chance of having the service available, and those living further away, will have less luck during the first few weeks of the roll out.

The delivery service platform by Amazon is expanding, and that show good signs for customers in Portland and Seattle, as well as cities across the country.

“We are excited to be able to offer delivery to long-time fans, who after a long day of work, maybe don’t want to brave the wait list or head out in the rain,” said Timothy Crabtree, general manager, Pok Pok. “Prime Now will allow us to make it easier for our customers to get the food they love. We also trustAmazon to ensure our food gets to our customers without a compromise in quality.”

Businsesswire.com and Amazon announced when customers use the Prime Now mobile app, they can view participating restaurants, browse menus, place orders, track the status of their delivery, and watch as the driver travels from the restaurant to the delivery address in real time.

“Portland has emerged as one of America’s best food cities,” said Gus Lopez, general manager, Amazon Restaurants. “With restaurant delivery on Prime Now, we’re excited to provide Portland residents with a fast and convenient way to try many of the restaurants that their friends and neighbors talk about without having to drive all over the city.”

Once an order is placed, Amazon delivery drivers pick up and deliver the food within an hour or less. The average delivery time since introducing restaurant delivery on Prime Now is 39 minutes.

The statement from the company shows a demand for more delivery services following their roll out in Seattle with Amazon Prime.

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Sample menus and locations with Amazon Prime delivery online.

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