Suwannee Hulaween 2015. Photo by: Josh Timmermans
Suwannee Hulaween 2015. Photo by: Josh Timmermans

The Saints & Spirits Rise Once Again at Suwannee Hulaween

Sunday afternoon at Hulaween following Halloween night is spellbinding. I woke up at my campsite with a full day planned ahead. It was my last day, and I wanted to make every second count.

The TAUK management team helped setup an interview with our outlet during the band’s round of press before getting ready for their set.


The bands were tuning up and getting ready in the early afternoon hours. Acoustic music played through Suwannee Music Park with Elephant Revival getting the energy picked up on the Main Stage. The String Cheese Incident played two daytime sets on Sunday, before letting STS9 shut down the Main Stage Sunday evening.
Lettuce Set List | 11/01/15

The Force – Get Greazy – Bowler – Trilogy – Madison Square – Dr. Digglesworth – Squadlive – Sounds Like A Party – Do It Like You Do – Phyliss

It’s hard to top the Goul Train set at Hulaween, but there is always one band we at our outlet like to dub the “show-stealer.” As it is always a tough decision this year’s “ Hulaween show-stealer” award goes to Lettuce. And I quote, “Let the funk flow,” and did it ever!

This North-Eastern funk band came ready to rock, and once started, never let up. This funk-rock music had a spooky tint to it, reminding us all that this was still a Halloween festival. Lettuce raised the bar this year at Hulaween. They capped off their set with ‘Phyliss,’ a new track off their upcoming album. 

STS9 at Hulaween | 11/01/15

Vapors – Inspire Strikes Back – Oil & Water – Walk To The Light – Kamuy – Rent – Totem – Frequencies 2 > 3 – World Go Round – Instantly

“We have come down to Suwannee to play a multitude of festivals over the years, but none quite like Hulaween. The numbers attending and the lineup were unmatched so of course the energy in the place was overflowing. We had a special afternoon Break Science + Manic Focus, otherwise known as ‘Manic Science’, set that was so flooded with people we literally could not see where the crowd ended. The support, love, and enjoyment of the crowd was overwhelming in the best kind of way. Adam, Jmac and myself were humbled and honored to have such an audience and we were feeling the music on every level.”


Hanging out with @sxmjamon at @hulaweenfl!

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TAUK, a hard-working New York-based band had made it to Live Oak, FL on day last of Hulaween to ensure the party rocked right up until the end. Sunday of Hulaween marked the end of a long five-week run on the road for the band. The band worked with various media outlets at the festival, and I had the opportunity to talk with them shortly after their arrival to Spirit of the Suwannee. TAUK is an instrumental quartet made up of Matt Jalbert (Guitarist), Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric “A.C” Carter (Keyboards), and Isaac Teal (Drums). It’s the kind of band you want to bring home to mom. My first inquiry dealt with their time spent touring with Umphrey’s McGee.

“Our favorite moment was crushing Umphrey’s Mcgee in basketball in Norfolk, Virginia” Matt Jalbert, guitarist said.

The band has been playing together now for 4 years, their sound is growing tighter on so many levels, and most importantly they are having fun doing what they do. Although this is the band’s first year playing at Hulaween, they are no stranger to Suwannee. TAUK has played Aura Music Festival and somehow found time in their busy 2014 schedule to attend Hulaween last year for a day of fun. When asked about memorable Halloween shows from years past, smirks and chuckles came upon all band’s faces as if they all were thinking of the same show. In Birmingham, AL at The Nick, is where TAUK had their craziest of Halloween shows filled with costume mis-haps and a random raps.

When asked about the band’s message, the band collectively replied “each instrument conveys its own message and with their power’s combined.”

The message is what you want to take from it. The band’s latest live album HEADROOM, mixed by Grammy-winning producer Robert Carranza, was released this last September. They named Live Oak’s very own Suwannee Music Park as one of the favorite venues on the new album. When asked about streaming and downloading music, the band agreed that people listening to the music was most important of all, but hopes that listening will inspire people to come out to the live shows as well. The band listed The Terminal West in Atlanta, GA and the legendary Red Rocks in Morrison, CO as favorite all-time venues. After picking their brains on music, venues, and stories; it was very rewarding to find that they are as personable one-on-one, in comparison to their intimate work in the studio. Just imagine a rock show, fused with rhythmic funk and dirty jazz that you can’t help but dance too. As the band finished the people could only want one thing, more TAUK! The band apparently had named this the “Hula all the way home” set, as this concluded the band’s fall tour. Check them out in 2016 Touring with Umphrey’s