PHASES. Photo by: PHASES / YouTube. Directed by Ethan Tobman
PHASES. Photo by: PHASES / YouTube. Directed by Ethan Tobman

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

The Hangout Music Festival is hosting their sixth annual multiple day music festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama May 20-22. This year the festival is hosting live music from all over the globe.

One of the rising acts on the bill this year features PHASES from Los Angeles.

PHASES showcases a sophisticated pop style that compares well to their recent tour mates Maroon 5.  After touring across the United States with Maroon 5, the band has been able to reach national audiences with their LA free-flowing sound.

This marks the first year the band will perform at the Hangout Music Festival. It gives the band a huge opportunity to launch into another strong year in their youthful careers.

PHASES has two big New Year’s Eve shows leading into 2016. Preview their music, and catch them live at Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores.

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2015 Tour Dates

DEC 16 |  The Shelter | Detroit, MI
DEC 30 | Mandalay Bay Events Center | Las Vegas, NV
DEC 31 |  Mandalay Bay Events Center | Las Vegas, NV

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PHASES – I’m In Love with My Life

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Hangout Music Festival News

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