Nolatet, group shot. Photo provided.
Nolatet, group shot. Photo provided.

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

The Royal Potato Family is releasing new material from vibraphonist Mike Dillon, pianist Brian Haas, bassist James Singleton and drummer Johnny Vidacovich known as Nolatet.

Their first album, Dogs was recorded at New Orleans’ renown Esplanade Studios. Jazz fans can dig into the layers of influence that these musicians cover with their modern take on the evolved style of music.

“When music is truly happening, it leads the way. When music is kinetic and meaningful, it sets its own agenda. When music is meant to be played, the music itself will find a way,” says Brian Haas. “This is how the Nolatet came into being. After so many incredible nights of collaborating over the years, while building a deep, enduring friendship, the music simply demanded it.”

“Musically speaking, the Nolatet is fearless. The music ebbs and flows effortlessly, like rebirthing an amoeba,” Mike Dillon said. 

Listen in and preview ‘Bongo Joe’ from Dogs on Soundcloud by Nolatet.

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Nolatet Tour Dates

February 28New Orleans, LA – Snug Harbor
March 11Atlanta, GA – Red Room
March 12Asheville, NC – Altamont Theater
March 14Bethesda, MD – Bethesda Blues & Jazz
March 15Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Winery
March 16Brooklyn, NY – The Hall
March 18Portsmouth, NH – The Press Room
March 19Boston, MA – Berklee College of Music
March 24Santa Fe, NM – High Note
March 25-26Denver, CO – Mercury Cafe
April 7 – Santa Cruz, CA – Kuumbwa Jazz Center
April 8-9San Francisco, CA – Doc’s Lab
April 15 – Seattle, WA – The Royal Room

Music News

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