Apple iPhone apps. Photo by:
Apple iPhone apps. Photo by:

The 2016 Guide to Apps on the iPhone


Waze is a navigation application that is useful for high traffic areas because it helps route you around traffic.

Waze also has user input that allows other Wazers to alert each other about hazards (such as that speed trap a mile ahead).


My favorite recent feature was the C-3PO voice guide, just a small perk of an all-around useful navigation app.

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A new year always brings in a slew of self-improvement resolutions. We all enjoy waking up at 7 a.m. to work out for that first week of the year, before we give in to the warmth of our bed and decide to try again next year.

Why not set a resolution you can keep?

Peak is a mobile gym for your brain packed with fun activities that take less than minutes to complete and have noticeable results after only a week of use.

What better way to start off the day than a brain workout? You don’t have to do any physical work, and it pays off. 

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Sleep Cycle

They always say to save the best for last. 

For some smart phone users, an app that you leave running while you sleep, may not seem useful at first, but I swear by Sleep Cycle.

I tried Sleep Cycle for the first time a few years ago when I noticed I was waking up groggy all the time after adjusting to a new sleep schedule. Sleep Cycle uses different methods to track your sleep pattern. An alarm goes off at the best part of your sleep cycle, and you wake up refreshed. As opposed to that bear we all become every now and then after a couple back to back late nights and early mornings.

Recently, I started using Sleep Cycle again when my insomnia kicked in. I’ve pinpointed a lot of culprits for my reduced sleep quality, as well as a pattern for my best sleep times. Sleep is something we are stuck dealing with, so we may as well get the most out of it!

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One commonality with all these apps (besides that I use them regularly,) is that they are all free.

Usually when I’m on an app hunt, I’ll download a slew of apps and filter through the junk apps that aren’t regularly updated, or the overhyped apps that start out great but are filled with ads and bloat-ware.

I’m currently testing out a few work out apps (I too fell victim to the NYE resolution bandwagon this year,) and results unfortunately aren’t typically immediate so hopefully the three apps I’m comparing provide some results I can follow up with. Happy New Year!

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