Funny or Die Presents: Art Of The Deal: The Movie. Photo by: Funny or DIe / YouTube
Funny or Die Presents: Art Of The Deal: The Movie. Photo by: Funny or DIe / YouTube

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Funny or Die recently released Art of the Deal: The Movie featuring the excess of the late ’80s and Donald Trump’s rocky road to where he is today.

Jeremy Konner, director for Art of the Deal: The Movie, connected with the brilliant minds of Ron Howard, Johnny Deep, Stephen Merchant, as well as several established producers and actors for this hour long exclusive film.

Funny or Die parallels with the current presidential race to show the destructive personality disorder that Trump has shown his whole life. In comparison, Bernie Sanders has had to work extremely hard for everything he has had in life. Bernie’s father was an immigrant. In comparison, Trump started with over a million dollars of family money to work with on his first failed business.

Art of the Deal: The Movie showcases the acting chops of Johnny Deep.

In several scenes Deep embodied Trump so well, it is almost scary. He points out the pitfalls of Trump, but also is glorying Donald by doing a film based around him. I’ve talked about this concept with another editor. My theory on film is that even if a filmmakers kills/removes a villain at the end of the film, they still produce over an hour of content showing their evil deeds.

That indoctrination was debated following The Wolf of Wall Street. One side of the argument is that it is important to document evil deeds and broadcast them so people are aware of those elements in life. Another side of that debate, is broadcasting evil deeds amplifies and glorifies those deeds.

“Life is a series of deals.” – Donald Trump

Overall, Art of the Deal: The Movie is one of the best short films not be released at a film festivals.

#FODTrumpMovie: Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal

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